Who we are
We are a professional team engaged on service and quality in the gas industry. We serve a distinguished list of companies related to this industry. We provide a permanent and update advising to a very competitive market with a profuse legislation.
What does Contegas do?
Contegas is an energy professional services company, specialized in gas supply.
Contegas offers support and technical representation to CNG services stations, developing new projects under current regulations.

The last few years, Contegas has incorporated different activities to cover natural gas customer needs, like environment, industrial safety and health, legal support, CNG market brokers, natural gas and energy Marketing.
– Study of Transitory Flow in the Transport of Natural Gas by Pipeline (Paper presented at the National Congress of Hydrocarbons)

– CNG Refueling Stations for Automotives (Latin American Congress of Gas)
Diesel Engines Conversation to CNG Fuel

– CNG in Transport – Argentine for IANGV 90
And a great deal of articles in specialized journals.